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We'll Future - Proof You And Your Home.

Mortgage Protection Included*

Success for us is when our customers experience complete peace of mind in every aspect of their move.

We also believe this feeling should continue for years to come.

That’s why, in many of our homes, we include the reassurance of free Mortgage
Protection Insurance for the first three years.

No one can predict the future. So, in the event of falling ill, having an accident or being made unemployed, the Mortgage Payment Protection will:

• start paying after you have been off work for 30 consecutive days;
• pay benefits monthly for up to 12 months

We’re just making sure you’ll always be living the dream.
Benefits on Mortgage Payment Protection are paid monthly in arrears. The benefit is calculated daily as 1/30th of the monthly benefit, starting after 30 days. There is no payment for the first 30 days of any claim unless Back to Day One cover is selected. If Back to Day One cover is chosen then you will receive a full monthly benefit payment at the end of the first 30 days of a claim.
To be eligible, you must 1. Be at least 18 and less than 65 years of age. 2. Must work and live in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (including working for a UK registered company in other European Community Countries for not more than 180 days a year). 3. Must be in full‐time employment or self‐employment for the last 6 months.
*For a fixed period of three years. Selected developments and selected plots only. Please ask for details.
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