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Action List

Making your move smoother

We want to make moving home an enjoyable and easy experience.

Our check list for moving lists all the key actions you’ll need to take once you’ve found your dream home. It also acts as a handy reminder of what you need to do.

While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope it will help you to focus on some of things you may need to do when you’re moving home.

Have a look at the tips and action points below for more information on what you need to know. Just to help, everywhere you see the ‘help’ button, you’ll know we can offer this service for you. Just print the list off and use it as a check list to help you along the way.

By the time you move into your dream home, all you’ll have to do is enjoy it!

Your action list

  • Source a mortgage: talk to an Independent Financial Advisor about getting the right mortgage to suit your budgets and needs
  • Find a solicitor: you’ll need one to help with the paperwork and legal aspects
  • Appoint a removals company: once you’ve agreed your move in date, arrange quotes from a removals company
  • Advise your current mortgage lender that you’re moving
  • Advise your utilities and other suppliers – gas, telephone, electric, council tax. Let your cable or satellite provider know


  • Contact other companies who provide you with services, such as:

    • Credit cards
    • Store cards
    • Memberships
    • Local council
    • Car insurance
    • Home insurance
    • TV licence
    • DVLA for your drivers licence
    • Water provider
    • Your bank
    • Building societies and other savings providers
    • Health insurance provider
    • Mobile phone provider
    • Inland revenue


  • Don’t forget to return library books, DVDs etc if you’re moving to a new area
  • Take final meter readings at your current home and provide them to your utility providers so final bills can be sent to you

In your new home

  • Take meter readings for your gas and electric utilities
  • Contact your new utilities providers and give them your details so an account can be set up for you