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Welcome to

Laird's Gate, Stewarton

Steeped in history, surrounded by countryside.

Stewarton is one of the most scenic and historic towns in Ayrshire. Just short drive from the M77 with fast and excellent transport links to the major conurbations, Stewarton provides regular bus and rail services to Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Ayr and the West coast. The local train station is within easy walking distance from Laird’s Gate and all the day-to-day amenities that a family needs are located within this friendly local community. Find out more about the local area

The homes at Laird’s Gate are part of our exclusive Woodlands collection and comprise a stunning selection of spacious, detached family homes, as well as a range of attractive terraced homes.

Lisa Kane

“When you draw a house as a child, this is the house I would have wanted.”

“I used to live in quite a busy part of Edinburgh, so it’s very relaxing coming home.”
Living in Laird’s Gate is just very peaceful, quiet and calming. I love my spacious, three bed, detached home. It has a garden that I can relax and unwind in and later on we’ll be overlooking a little pond and play park. The neighbours I’ve met have been very friendly and I feel very happy now that I’ve moved in.

“It feels quite like I’m in the countryside.”
It’s beautiful to look at the fields around us on the estate and there’s a little river running through the town that I like to walk along. When the path along the side of the estate opens up I can go into the next field for a walk from my house. My favourite part of the estate at the moment, though, is at the top where they’ve planted trees. It’s nice to see so much green around. That makes it very pretty.

“Everything I need is here or just a short drive away.”
Although it’s in the country, everything is still accessible. I can get to the shops easily if I want to, and it’s also easy enough to get to Glasgow on the train for everything the city has to offer. It’s nice to have access to everything, but it’s also great to be able to come back to Laird’s Gate at the end of the day and relax.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes…
…because I really love my home and I think it’s great value for money.
Ms R Thompson

“I love our house, the space, the country views and the peace and quiet in Laird’s Gate.”

“We were used to being next to a noisy road and now we’re in a quiet, country location with views overlooking the fields.”
From our house we can see straight over the waters of the Firth of Clyde to the Isle of Arran. On the development we’re tucked in at the end of a close, so there aren’t many people around and we don’t have any passing traffic near the house. That adds to the feeling of tranquillity and it also means it’s safe for our children when they go out to play.

“As a stay at home mum, it’s really convenient for me to be just five minutes from the town and there’s a lot going on in the estate.”
I spend my days with the kids and it’s really convenient that I can get everything I need in Stewarton, rather than having to go into Kilmarnock or elsewhere. There are toddler groups, a sport’s centre and fantastic nurseries and schools. Laird’s Gate has a sense of real community.

“The customer service was outstanding from the first time we came to the development, right up until the move in day.”
Pam in the sales office was an absolute star and her communication was spot on. Even though there were a few hiccups from the deposit to moving in, they were more than accommodating and went above and beyond to sort everything out for us. Now that we’re here it’s absolutely wonderful and we’re thrilled!

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes...
This is the second house we have bought from them in seven years. We know the quality of the service, the after care and quality of the home is brilliant. We know that if things go wrong, they will be fixed and done properly.
Mrs Jane Gill

I bought this property for my daughter and I was so happy with the home and the service that I’m buying one for myself...

“I love the style, layout and size of the houses on Sunnymead.”
This is a very attractive estate to drive into. No two houses look the same; there are big ones beside small ones with terraces in the middle. The sizes and shapes are mixed and that gives each house it’s own individuality. Each of the houses is very well kept and the estate is tidy and clean. Even though they are still working on the development, they take care to keep it so that it doesn’t look or feel like a building site.

The homes are exceptionally worth their value internally and externally, particularly because of their size…
My daughter’s home is very compact, without being very small. The rooms flow into each other and there’s storage which a lot of new builds just don’t have. I also have the comfort of knowing that Stewart Milne Homes carries out a good after-sales service. They let you know that in the future they are not just going to sell the house and move on; they are still there for you.

All the staff at Sunnymead make me feel like my daughter’s home is important to them.
Everyone here, including sales people and site workers, are very attentive to their jobs. When I spoke with Barbara in sales I found her very reassuring so I didn’t have any worries at all. She answered every question professionally and made me feel relaxed; it wasn’t just “sales talk”. I know they will all be there for me if I need them.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes...
...because the style of the homes and the rooms are excellent for the value. They also provided a good service.
Mr Ian Taylor

“Stewart Milne Homes built Laird’s Gate to be the centre of the community and the perfect place to raise a family…”

I love the well-built houses in a very quiet location that feels secure and family driven.
This is a unique estate with very well thought out house designs; the features of each of the houses, including rendering and front gardens, all change so each one looks individual. Looking up the hill I find it pleasant and interesting to see, unlike the “Lego town” feel of other developments where everything looks the same. There are lovely, landscaped green areas to spend time in and soon we’ll have a swing park for the children; all of this is maintained by the factor. Having these spaces makes it feel very safe for our children. We’re the last housing estate heading out of town so it’s peaceful, and from my bedroom window I can enjoy the tremendous views to Ayrshire and the Ailsa Craig.

The connections and facilities are brilliant…
There are play groups in Stewarton, plenty of schools nearby and even a Brownie Hall 5 minutes away if our daughter wanted to join in the next few years. Driving, we’re 20 - 25 minutes away from Dalry and Glasgow and there’s also a good train line. The station is 10 - 15 minutes away and it’s a maximum of 20 minutes to take it to Glasgow centre.

The service on the development is first class.
It only took a month for us to complete and the sales room staff and site foreman at Laird’s Gate were absolutely excellent. From the minute we went in, we didn’t have to think about the mortgage as there were people tied to Stewart Milne Homes that we used very successfully. We never felt like it was an office environment because talking to the sales girls was like talking to friends. On the day of the move they gave us tea bags, a kettle and cups; those little touches were thoughtful. After that, Brian the site foreman was excellent in giving us a demonstration and being our first contact with the house. There weren’t lots of problems but if we needed anything he’d phone me back in minutes and there was never any stress or waiting for things to happen.

There’s a warm, welcoming sense of community…
The families here are all of a similar age and demographic; that’s the thing we love the most about Laird’s Gate. Everyone has come here for their family; all of the kids to go each other’s parties. We’ve been invited by neighbours to Halloween parties where mothers went to all of the houses with the kids, and my baby daughter went over for a Christmas party. This is an excellent place to bring up a children.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes...
...because of the build quality and the price of the houses. The layout is good and it’s an excellent place for families.
Mr Haining


The development is stunning and beautiful...
With stone effect blonde sandstone in different shapes and sizes, the look resembles a country wall, which look great against the backdrop of the adjacent fields. When I walk home from the train station in the twilight, when the street lamps are lit, this feature really stands out. I also love the mono-blocked roads; they keep the look of the estate consistent throughout. It’s great compared to other estates that use tarmac, as well as mono-block. There’s a luxurious feel to it; it feels high end.

We love living beside people at our stage of life…
Everyone here is of a similar age, also with children, and everyone has been really friendly. It’s quiet here as there is very little traffic and the children play during the day; the nighttime is very peaceful. The community aspect of the development was very important to us.

The area is perfect for our son…
There are good schools in the area. The primary school that our son will go to has a good reputation, with a good pre-school which also has good reports. There’s a great secondary school here as well, which I myself attended. We’ll be using the play parks planned for the development with him as well once they’ve been completed.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes...
We didn’t have any concerns or worries before we moved as every bit of information we needed was confirmed to us beforehand. Everything has been fine and has run very smoothly. I like the house, the build and the staff we've had contact with.
Mr Hamilton


I can not only see the sea from my window, but I can see all the way over to the Isle of Arran…
There’s a great sense of space here and the woodland in the front of the estate is an ideal place to walk my dog. We’re far enough away from the town that there is no traffic, but at the same time it’s a five minute walk there so we’re close enough that we can walk to the shops, which is convenient for us.

“Stewart Milne Homes gave the estate a look of grandeur…”

I love the style of the houses. The blonde, sandstone-type brickwork on the face of the buildings makes them look very nice and attractive and with the mono-block streets it looks very fancy. We did notice the small electricity pylon in front of the house initially, but they have even planted trees in front of it. They will grow up in the next year and beautifully obscure the view.

“Everyone here always smiles, waves or says ‘hi’…”
We’re all getting to know each other. My wife and I are newly married and everyone on our street is of a similar age and stage in life with young children and the beginnings of a family, which is perfect for us.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes…
…because of how easy it was to part-exchange and because of how helpful everyone has been. It’s been a really smooth experience and I have no regrets.
Mr David Miller

Living at Laird’s Gate is peaceful and quiet compared to the city that we moved from…

We were looking at this development for over a year
When we first drove up to look at the development we found it was in a nice, big area that looks out onto the fields. We can see Arran on a sunny day and it’s just so peaceful and quiet here.

It’s the location and design that are great
Laird’s Gate is situated near a small, rural village and there is a farm near to us that is still in working order. Our first child is due in a month so it’s very good to know we can take baby to visit the animals during the summer! Of all the developments we looked at, this had the best general layout and design. I feel like we have our own space and due to the open farmland we don’t feel encroached on.

The development feels very family-focused
Most people living on the development are our age and they either have kids or are just starting a family. It’s got a nice family vibe and spirit.

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes
The site manager and Pam have been great and there is nothing that would prevent me from recommending Stewart Milne. If anything I was reticent to begin with and people said don't buy a new build but I wouldn't think this now.
Julie Burns

Living at Laird’s Gate, it’s really a joy to come home...
It’s just so quiet and peaceful here; we love it.

Rooms with a view
What immediately drew us to Laird’s Gate was the location. It’s right on the edge of town and it so peaceful.

Space for the kitchen sink…
and then some We’ve got so much space; it’s gorgeous. Our family area downstairs is very spacious and with the double doors leading on to the patio, it’s just lovely!

From little acorns…
It’s nice being part of a brand-new estate. We’re really settled at Laird’s Gate and are delighted we made the move.
Christopher Hoggans

Stewart Milne’s a big builder, so we were happy and confident that doing a part exchange with them would be OK…
And it’s turned out to be the best thing by far; no issues, no dramas.  They even offered us a lot more money than we expected.

A quick and easy move thanks to Stewart Milne
We’d originally reserved a house off plan and weren’t planning to move until next year.  Then, as we were leaving, the salesman mentioned that there was one of the house-type we were looking at available now.  Thanks to Stewart Milne’s part exchange scheme, we ended up moving four weeks later, the same week as our wedding anniversary.  Everything was done quickly and easily.

The finish to our home is brilliant
We were already living in Stewarton, but came across Laird’s Gate quite by chance.  We wanted a three-bedroom house and instantly liked the design and layout, especially the dining area with the patio doors leading to the back garden.  It’s a good size and the finish is brilliant.  We’re really happy with the colour of the bricks.

I would most certainly recommend Stewart Milne
I would most certainly recommend Stewart Milne.    Buying from them was easy, hassle free.  We got a good price, good-quality house, which is why I’d recommend.
Susan Young

We’d never gone for a new-build home before…

but as soon as soon as I saw my new Stewart Milne home I knew we’d made the right decision.  It was exactly what I had pictured in my head.

Finishing touches that really make the difference
The standard is really nice and the finish of the brick is very different, very unusual compared to other sites we’d seen.  Having the family room at the back is also ideal with two young kids.  And with family abroad, the fact that the guest room has an en-suite means that when they come to stay they’ve got their own bathroom.  It’s fantastic.  

Stewart Milne not just about building, but building communities as well
You get a real sense of community living at Laird’s Gate.  It’s partly because the development is not straight off a main road.  It feels as if you’re within Stewarton, but separate.  And because Stewart Milne organise it so that everyone moves in at the same time, you also feel that you’re building a wee community. 

Cookies and tea along with your keys
Stewart Milne staff came in with cookies and tea on moving day.  It was a nice touch that not a lot of companies do.  It makes you feel special.  They were also willing to listen to our ideas and were prepared to take them forward.

A company that actually listens to its customers
The best part of it being a new build was choosing all the furniture and deciding where the fixtures and fittings should go.  The build-up was very exciting.  Stewart Milne has quite a lot of extras so you can add a touch of luxury in choosing your spotlights, or having an additional wall or what have you. 

I would certainly recommend Stewart Milne
And in particular I would recommend Laird’s Gate.  It’s more affordable being that little bit further out, but still commutable to Glasgow.  Coming home is like coming into your own little community.  That’s why I’d recommend it. 
William Petrie

We are more than happy that we made the decision to move with Stewart Milne Homes… 

Our last home had been on the market for two years.  We’re so glad we made the move; delighted in fact.

I had no worries at all buying from Stewart Milne, because of their reputation.  Had I heard anything untoward I wouldn’t have entered into a contract with them.  But I still did my research; and having looked into the company and the standard of build, I have to say that I’m more than happy.

Suits us to a tee
Our new house suits us down to a tee.  From it, you can enjoy views across to Arran and the Clyde estuary.  The standard of finish of our home is extremely high as well, show-home standard.  It looks really good.  We’re especially pleased with the external views.  In fact, more than one person has commented on the standard and quality of the cladding and finish to the walls.  It really complements the building. 

Laird’s Gate: an exciting development
Laird’s Gate is an exciting development, suitable for all types of people.  We don’t have any children living with us, but I’d imagine for a young family it would be ideal as you’re within walking distance of very good schools.  There are also good train and public transport connections to Glasgow. 

A thoroughly enjoyable move
We enjoyed the whole process from first seeing the show house through to our own finished home.  And we were especially impressed with the service and guidance we received all the way through – from the sales team to the builders and site manager.  Everyone was able to answer our questions to our satisfaction.  There was nothing they couldn’t explain.

One of the best builders in the UK
I have already recommended Stewart Milne Homes to various friends.  The quality of service that they provide must rate them as one of the best - if not the best - builder in the UK, which is why I’d recommend them.
Mairi Martin

We only wanted to move if the house was right…

and fortunately for us, Stewart Milne were building exactly the kind of thing we were looking for right on our doorstep.

The kitchen does the talking
Our main reason for moving was to buy bigger.  Stewart Milne build beautiful big houses which are really airy and light.  The size of the kitchen alone is phenomenal; it sells the house.  We’ve incorporated the dining room into the kitchen, it’s that big.  I also like that it’s dual aspect.  The patio doors and the window ensure that light streams through. 

Luxurious extras that are very fitting
There was a wide range of choice and luxury when selecting our kitchen and bathrooms units. We loved the look so much we got more units installed and a fantastic wine cooler.  .  We’re really pleased with the quality of the fit.  All too often, builders can let you down when it comes to this, but not Stewart Milne.

Friendly and professional
I work for an organisation that builds houses, so I know how important customer service is.  Pam, Alan and John have been absolutely superb.  They’ve become more like friends: ‘How are you doing, Mairi?’; that kind of thing.  They really offer the personal touch.  When it came to signing for the keys I’d just lost my Dad and everyone was very understanding and attentive.  It was a really hard time, but they significantly helped.   

Snagging?  What snagging?
I’ve always bought new, but the last time I bought a property (12 years ago) the snagging list ran to two A4 pages.  This time there were just 10 items and they’ve been attended to really quickly.  I’m a person who likes things done right and am just as fussy and pedantic as I was 12 years ago, if not more so!  There will always be things that need sorting out with a new build, but the fact there were so few was quite something and a credit to the Site Manager and his team.

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne
I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes, for the level of their service and the quality of their homes.   I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Why I love Laird's Gate – Jonathan Freeman

A welcomed and big change from city living…
…we were in the city centre before we moved so being more remote was a big change for us. The estate seems very secure and we have a close knit community.

A great place for a family
Lairds Gate is a very family orientated development and this is what we have been looking for. We noticed immediately that everyone here is welcoming and friendly, just what you want when raising a family. We are settling in fine.

A great first experience of buying a new build
This is the first brand new house we have bought and it has been so much more straightforward than with previous moves. The fact that everything is new, means you don’t need to decorate and freshen things up, everything here was so fresh and nothing needed changing. The handover was seamless and really it helped with the stresses of the move.
Why I love Laird's Gate – Stephanie Campbell

There was no stress and the whole process was so quick…
… it only took five weeks from making our enquiry to completing the purchase. It was such a smooth process which meant we had no worries.

There is so much space here, compared to other new builds
It’s quite spacious in comparison to other new builds; which can be quite tight. We have a great size living room too and the whole property has been decorated in a way that makes it feel even more spacious. The neutral colours they have used make it feel nice and fresh.

Laird’s Gate is a lovely development
The whole development is fantastic and it’s such a lovely area. We really like the surroundings and our outlook is great. We’re looking onto a nice green area and not straight out onto the neighbours, which we were concerned we might be when buying on a new development. We need not have worried. On top of that we have found this to be a really friendly area too.
Why I love living at Laird's Gate – Derek Steele

At Laird's Gate you are surrounded by staff who want to help…

… the site manager and all in the sales office were really helpful, from when we first put down the deposit to moving in. The site manager will pop in and check on us to make sure everything is OK; nothing is too much bother for him.

More room for a growing family
The house itself is perfect for us; we don’t have a family yet but we could be looking to start one in the future, and we couldn’t ask for anything more. We have so much more space than we had before. I have a lovely kitchen and we were able to incorporate a dining area as the utility room provides some excellent extra storage space. We also love having the outside space and we are really enjoying how quiet it is here.

A ready-made home
We chose a package that provided us with an integrated dishwasher, fridge freezer, washing machine and carpets, which meant we had very little to do when we moved in. The whole process was very straightforward.

The seal of approval from our friends
It is still an on-going site, but even my friends have commented on the finish already. It is head and shoulders above the rest. There are other new builds being developed in the local area and, in my opinion, ours look so much better. And, now that the landscaping is moving on quickly the development is really starting to come together.

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Laird's Gate, Stewarton

Steeped in history, surrounded by countryside.

Stewarton is one of the most scenic and historic towns in Ayrshire. Just short drive from the M77 with fast and excellent transport links to the major conurbations, Stewarton provides regular bus and rail services to Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Ayr and the West coast. The local train station is within easy walking distance from Laird’s Gate and all the day-to-day amenities that a family needs are located within this friendly local community. Find out more about the local area

The homes at Laird’s Gate are part of our exclusive Woodlands collection and comprise a stunning selection of spacious, detached family homes, as well as a range of attractive terraced homes.

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