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Welcome to

Wallace Gardens, Stirling

Homes in the centre of history.

Introducing Wallace Gardens, a distinctive range of homes located in the attractive and historic heart of Stirling - Scotland’s youngest city. At Wallace Gardens you’ll be in strolling distance of Stirling’s cosmopolitan shopping area and café district. There are also excellent links to the main Central Scotland motorway and regular rail services to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Find out more about the local area

Last few remaining four bedroom properties available at Wallace Gardens.

Mr Malcolm

“Everything is brand new so it’s a blank canvas that can be designed around me…”

I came from a 2 bed flat that was quite old and maintaining it was an issue; with my new build I have no problems at all...
I didn’t have any concerns moving with Stewart Milne Homes as I knew they were a large company. I felt I would be safe with them and I’d have no issues; now I really love my brand new home. The whole development looks nice, new and clean and Wallace Gardens has practical, modern, spacious flats that are very nice to live in. I like the halls in particular, as they make the flats feel bigger.

The location is excellent…
I can look out at the beautiful views from my top floor apartment, including my view of the castle. I moved here as it’s fairly close to my work and the transport links are good. That makes my life easy.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes...
...because they have been extremely professional to deal with.
Mrs McRobbie


Wallace Gardens is a nice, new build development and I have a fresh, new home…
There are quite a few styles of home in the development and I really enjoy the style of my home. I have an American-style kitchen which is big enough for the living area, the family area and to cook in. I love that it’s a very spacious house with plenty of bathrooms and more than one sitting room; we even have one upstairs so the family are not all over one another.

Brilliant views and a convenient area…
When I’m at home I can see the pleasant views of Stirling Castle from the back of my house and the Wallace Monument from the front. Although I’m not in the city, I’m in walking distance to the city centre which has gyms, swimming baths, the university and other lovely walks, which I take full advantage of. I can even walk to a café or bar if I want to; being able to walk everywhere saves me time and money which is great.

It feels good living here…

I’ve been here since March and everyone I’ve met so far has been quite friendly. Stewart Milne Homes is still building on the site, but everyone working on it, including the site manager and the contractors, has been really helpful and really nice.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes…
…Because I've dealt with you twice and never had a problem.
Mr Iain Cameron

Living at Wallace Gardens is very quiet and peaceful, and it’s in an ideal location for where we work…

Very quiet and peaceful
The development is ideal for us in terms of its location. We’re a few minutes’ drive from work and it takes us 15 minutes to walk there. Even with the works going on, it’s very quiet and peaceful.

The most positive thing is the views
The views we get at Wallace Gardens of the surrounding areas really stand out for us. The site is positioned between the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle, so it’s iconic. Not only these, but Stirling Bridge is close by as well, and it gives a very historic feel to the area.

The development has an individual feel to it
Each of the houses, although many are very similar in type, looks individual and they aren’t exactly the same. There are different fascia’s and coloured doors on each street, which gives an individual appearance to each of the properties rather them being row upon row of identical boxes.

We’ve not been affected by works onsite
We were concerned the site was still under development when we moved in, but it hasn’t affected us at all. We live directly opposite Stewart Milne’s offices and it leads to a lot of muck on the roads and paths, although Stewart Milne and the haulage operator sweep the road daily and it’s a lot cleaner than we expected. The site guys have been very good.

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes…
…because the quality and the value of the home is very good, any issues we had were dealt with and everything was done fairly promptly for us.
Mark Corsar

For us, the decision to move to Wallace Gardens was simple…
It was all about location, location, location.

A great place to live
This is an area we’ve always wanted to be in. We’re close to the city centre, yet have good access to the motorways. We’re also close to the schools and family as well. It really has felt like coming home.

Stewart Milne is streets ahead of the competition
The quality of the product has got to match up to the area, and in our case, it does. I’m a joiner by trade so I know what I’m looking for. The difference in quality between Stewart Milne and other new builders is vast. They really pay attention to detail. It’s not just the big things; it’s the little things as well. Things like the fixtures and fittings all add up. You can really tell the quality of the build.

A wonderful sense of space
If there’s one thing friends comment on it’s the amount of storage we have. You don’t always expect that with a new build. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house with so much built-in storage space; just massive. We moved from a two-bed to a five-bed house, so to have all that extra space is wonderful.

A great package from a great builder
Wallace Gardens really is a great place to stay. Plus with Stewart Milne, you’ve got a good builder and a good quality product. It really is about the whole package. That’s why we love it here.
Mrs Stephens

They didn’t have a show home of the house type we wanted to buy on this site...

But Stewart Milne allowed us to visit another site on numerous occasions where we could see the show home of the house type we wanted.

The staff are so obliging
They did not have a show home of the house type we wanted to buy but they allowed us to visit another site (where they did have the house type as a show home) on numerous occasions in order to make our decision and to measure up. The sales office staff were very helpful and obliging. The 7 and 28 day checks after completion were dealt with efficiently The snagging list made at the 7 day and 28 day check was dealt with efficiently and we were even given mobile numbers for the site manager and customer care manager if we needed to contact them about anything.

It’s a lovely house in a lovely location
I especially like the downstairs layout with the double doors out of the kitchen and the lounge going into the garden. I got a nice impression right from the off; it’s a lovely location.

The people already on the development were very positive
Before I reserved my home, I asked people who already lived on the development if they were happy with their home and the after care service and everyone was positive.

I would recommend Stewart Milne

Stewart Milne is a very good builder and the sales office and site staff are excellent.
Miguel Merayo

We knew from friends that Stewart Milne has a good reputation and that you can get your house pretty much the way you want it…
And I have to say that we’re very happy with the decision we’ve made; we’re really happy with the house and the area.

The location is one of the best things about Wallace Gardens
It’s one of the nicest areas in Stirling. It’s close to the hills and the university and the athletics’ club is just down the road. We’ve a view of the Wallace Monument from our bedroom window and you can see the castle from the street. We got a great deal on a really nice house. In fact, the price was a major incentive for us. It was a nice house, nicer than others we’d been looking at, and was available at the right time. Everything just clicked into place.

We were treated in the right way

We were very professionally dealt with; we got treated in the right way. The sales rep in particular is really helpful. Any questions you have, she’s quick to respond. In fact, the staff help you all the way through the process. Even when we’ve had minor snagging issues, such as scuffed paintwork, they’ve been quick to resolve them. They’re very proactive in sorting things out. They go around making sure everything’s OK, rather than wait for us to tell them what needs doing. There were nice little touches such as leaving us a box of coffee and tea and biscuits when we moved in. Having never bought a new house before, this was an added bonus, something we weren’t expecting. It was nice to open up something new on moving day. It’s just a little thing, but it really stands out as a nice memory on what can be a stressful day.

I would recommend Stewart Milne

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne; in fact, I already have. There are some nice houses coming up in Wallace Gardens. Not only that, Stewart Milne set everything up for a fairly quick and speedy resolution, which is why I’d recommend.
Jennifer Conley

I was worried that Stewart Milne wouldn’t take our old home, which was in a rural location, as part exchange…

But it all went fine. In fact, they made the whole process very easy for us. They bought our old property so that we could buy this one. We never had to worry about anything.

All the rooms are good sizes
We bought the Kingsmoor as we wanted a five-bedroomed house so that we’d have spare room when family come to visit. All the rooms are pretty good sizes. We like the shape and layout of the living room. It’s spacious with French doors that open to the garden. We really like our new house and it’s feeling more like home every day.

It’s a quiet, safe neighbourhood

We wanted to move to Stirling to be more centrally located for my husband’s work. We looked at other developments around, but preferred Wallace Gardens as it’s a quiet, safe neighbourhood.

Stewart Milne work really hard for you
One of the best things about buying from Stewart Milne has been how little snagging there’s been. Any problems that we’ve had have been followed through and dealt with in a reasonable timescale.

They make you feel special
We had a lovely welcome pack with tea and coffee when we moved in. They make you feel really welcome and happy with your home.

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes, because of the standard of the finish of the house, and also for how we’ve been treated as customer. They really do their best for you. That’s why I would recommend them.
A 'Very Satisfied' Customer

We had had a previous bad experience with another well-known builder and were concerned that we’d have the same experience again…

So we considered deeply before buying another new home; but I’m so glad we did. Buying from Stewart Milne has been such a positive experience. We are very satisfied with our new home.

A lot of space for your money
We like the fact that the property has two en suites, because we have family visiting from overseas on a frequent basis. The house offers good living space for the whole family. The part-exchange made it a good deal as well.

Good for families
It’s a nice area in which to raise a family. The area is quiet and Wallace Gardens is in a nice part of the city. I really like the development, especially the layout. The neighbours and everyone who lives nearby seem really friendly as well. It’s a nice community, basically.

The snagging is completed in next to no time
The staff have been really pleasant and helpful. Any issues we have raised have been dealt with quickly and efficiently without any delays. It's a far cry from our previous experience, when it took about two years to complete the snagging!

I would certainly recommend Stewart Milne Homes
I would certainly recommend Stewart Milne Homes, because we’ve had such a positive experience. The process was very straightforward and there were no hitches along the way. It all went very smoothly, which is why I’d recommend.
Evelyn McCallum

I’ve moved a fair bit and bought quite a few new houses over the years...
But even so, I was impressed by the quality of the finish and how professionally everything was done. In fact, the whole experience of buying from Stewart Milne was far better than I’d expected or hoped for.

Part exchange makes moving so easy
I knew from the first meeting with Tony, who was organising the part exchange, that it was going to be OK. He was so confident that he’d be able to sell the house and offered a really fair price. I was genuinely happy with the deal. In fact the whole thing was really straight forward. They even let me hang on to the keys for a couple of days, so it was a lot less stressful than having to complete and move all in one day.

Wallace Gardens: kerb appeal
Wallace Gardens has got everything I need. The houses look nice. They have real kerb appeal, and even though it’s a mid-terrace, it feels big. You’ve got a nice spacious hall and a lounge at the back with French doors leading to the garden. The bedrooms are spacious too. Size-wise and also for its location, it’s just right for me.

They bend over backwards to help you
Speaking from experience, I knew what could happen when things go wrong. The last time I bought a new property, four years ago, the snagging list ran to pages. Not so this time; everyone bends over backwards to help and go the extra mile in so many ways. It’s little things, like Tony phoning me up to thank me for leaving the old house in such an immaculate condition. He didn’t have to do that, but he did; it’s typical of Stewart Milne’s approach.

Would I recommend Stewart Milne?
Absolutely, I would. Honestly, I can’t fault them. Sure, they’re not the cheapest house builder, but when you consider what you’re getting for your money it’s so worth it. It all stacks up. That’s why I’d recommend them.
Mrs Stuart

Thanks to Stewart Milne’s shared equity scheme, we’ve finally been able to buy our own home...

After years of renting, it’s great to be on the property ladder.

If you’re wondering if you can afford it, take the plunge!
I did wonder initially about how the value for money compared to an older house, but when we looked into it, we realised that Stewart Milne were pretty comparable to other houses in terms of price. And because of shared equity, we’ve been able to buy in the area we wanted. It’s all worked out really well.

Wallace Gardens: a central location that’s ideal for families

Wallace Gardens is very central, yet it’s quiet. It’s on the bus route so is accessible for town. It’s ideal for us as it’s near the children’s schools. There are other families around as well, so it should be a great place for the children to grow up.

Complimentary carpets come as standard
With Stewart Milne, as with other builders, you can choose your own kitchen and bathrooms, but Stewart Milne also provide a choice of carpets; and they fit them for free. A lot of other new builds don’t offer that, so that was definitely an incentive.

Approachable staff – not pushy at all
The customer service is good as well. We definitely felt the staff were very approachable, not pushy at all. From Marisha in the sales office to Mark, the site manager, they were all very attentive. Any problems, Mark made sure they got dealt with quickly. And it’s good to know that Stewart Milne will deal with any agreed defects for the first two years. That’s very comforting.

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Homes
I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne. The houses are finished to a high standard and they’re very warm; the heating is very efficient. You’re also covered by the NHBC 10-year warranty in case things go wrong. That’s why I’d recommend them.
Laura Ralston

I was already familiar with Stewart Milne Homes, and having visited the site, had great faith in them...
And they didn’t let me down. We’re delighted with our new home.

From one professional to another…
I’d worked with Stewart Milne years before, so I knew them professionally. I knew their reputation. Apart from a few wee snagging issues, we didn’t have any concerns. It was nothing major and Stewart Milne dealt with everything really well; they were very professional.

Wallace Gardens: the perfect location for families
Wallace Gardens is just perfect for us. It’s the right place, the right locale. It was where we wanted to be. You’ve got access to town and the primary and high schools are nearby. That was important to me as I didn’t want our kids to have to change schools.

A brand-new blank canvas
This was our first brand-new home and the best bit was that it was brand new. It’s nice to have a blank canvas to work on. You don’t have to put up with, or put right, anyone else’s work. We can put our stamp on something that’s purely ours.

Would I recommend Stewart Milne?
I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne. In fact, I already have done. The site manager here at Wallace Gardens is excellent and the sales lady, Marisha, isn’t too pushy either. All the main snags have been sorted as well. That’s why I’d recommend
Part Exchange*

Part Exchange*

With 'Part Exchange', we’ll provide an offer for your home within 5 days. Just get in touch, provide us with details of your property and leave the rest to us. No fees. No delay, no fuss.

Help to Buy (Scotland)**

Help to Buy (Scotland)**

Help to Buy (Scotland) allows an eligible buyer to purchase a brand new property with just 5% deposit, funded by an affordable mortgage and help from the Scottish Government.

First time buyers***

First time buyers***

Buy now with confidence and get so much more included. Help to Buy available†. We take care of all the details, leaving you to just choose your perfect first home. It’s affordable, easy and you can rely on us to handle every aspect for you.

* Available on selected developments and selected homes only. Subject to status and availability, terms and conditions apply. Please ask us for full details.

** Help to Buy (Scotland) is only available on selected homes at selected developments in Scotland up to a value of £250,000. Eligible applicants will be offered an equity stake of up to a maximum of 20% of the full market price. The Scottish Government will hold the second charge on the property. Applicants are required to fund at least 80% of the purchase price by means of a mortgage and any deposit where required. There is no fee charged on the equity stake component. The equity stake is provided by the Homes and Communities Agency and developer as a second charge. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up your repayments on your mortgage. Help to Buy is not available for part-exchange or buy-to-let.

*** Please ask for details. Individual offers are available on selected homes only and may not be combined with other available offers. Please contact us for more details of offers available on specific homes. This offer is subject to terms & conditions and availability.

†Please ask for details. Available on selected homes only and may not be combined with other available offers. Please contact us for more details of offers available on specific homes. This offer is subject to terms & conditions and availability.

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Wallace Gardens, Stirling

Homes in the centre of history.

Introducing Wallace Gardens, a distinctive range of homes located in the attractive and historic heart of Stirling - Scotland’s youngest city. At Wallace Gardens you’ll be in strolling distance of Stirling’s cosmopolitan shopping area and café district. There are also excellent links to the main Central Scotland motorway and regular rail services to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Find out more about the local area

Last few remaining four bedroom properties available at Wallace Gardens.

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