“Dunnottar Park is perfect for young family living.” “Compared to standard new estates, this is quite modern.” The styles of the homes are all different with some clad in wood, some with brick and… A Very Satisfied Customer - Dunnottar Park
"Calderwood is a nice, open development and the neighbours are lovely." "We had the usual concerns, like what the amenities would be like and what the layout of the development would… A Very Satisfied Customer -
“What I like most is the build standard of the houses and that the staff have all been very friendly and helpful.” “There is some immediate kerb appeal.” The houses are well presented. We were… Mrs Eileen Cawkwell -
“We moved from our old house into a shiny, new one.” “The outlook of our house is over old, established trees and a brook.” We already lived in Sandbach, but on a main road in a cottage. Moving… Mrs Rebecca Weaver -
“We’ve made Den View home very quickly.” Den View is a great place to live. We have found that Den View is a great place to live. We are still classified as being in Aberdeen, but we are also… Mr Jamie McLeish -
“I’m a new build kind of guy. It was just walk in and unpack, and that really suited us.” “We went to a lot of new build places in the area, but this home had a better flow to it.” I love the… Mr Graham Hall -
“A lot of families have moved onto Upton Pines and we’ve met a lot of people; it’s very friendly and we feel safe.” “We’re close to everything here.” It’s easy for us with the local shops around… Mr and Mrs Garner -
“Stewart Milne Homes has been a breath of fresh air.” “Our development is just down a private road, so it’s really peaceful and secluded.” They’ve done well with the houses, designing them with… Mr Duane Henderson -
“I like clean, crisp, new houses so the fact that it’s a new build definitely plays a part in it.” “For me, it’s the overall design and the workmanship of the build.” The appearance of our home is… Mr Daniel Lewis -
“Every house is unique and really well built, and the location is perfect.”“We’ve lived all across Scotland, in the West coast and in the North East, but here is really accessible for everything.” We… Mr Andrew Paxton - Hunter's Meadow
“It’s a nice, quiet area on the edge of town, so you get the combination of being close enough to the town to be in it, but far enough away to have a wonderful, peaceful life.” “We had a general… Mr Alexander Burgess - Monarch's Rise
“Winterley Gardens feels like a quiet and peaceful, rural village, not like a new development with millions of houses everywhere you look.” “It has the nice finishing touches that you don’t usually… Miss Victoria Blackwell -
“I didn’t have any concerns; after we’d been to the show room and met the staff, I felt at ease with Stewart Milne Homes.”“Our main reason for moving was that I was commuting 70 miles a day, and this… Mr Scott Bell -
“We have a two-bedroom house here, but I honestly wouldn’t want to leave should our family grow and expand because I feel really happy here.” “It’s by far the nicest new build development I’ve… Ms Samantha Leckie -
When I moved in, Dargavel Village was still work in progress. I never thought I would move into a house on a building site, but I have had absolutely no issues. If I need to get hold of anyone or need… Mrs Lesley Christie - Dargavel Village
We love the look of our home, inside and out. The quality of the build has a very high specification. It’s in the fittings and fixtures, in the kitchen and elsewhere. The doors are solid wood and the… Mrs Jacqueline Young - Dargavel Village
I love the amount of greenery and landscaping in Dargavel Village, the overall finish is beautiful. Stewart Milne Homes specifically kept the old large trees on the site, it’s quite relaxing… Mrs Lesley Christie - Dargavel Village
Being quite central to Aberdeen was a massive attraction of Charleston Cove. I wanted to be close to the city centre, but not close to the hustle and bustle. Everything is right on the doorstep and… Ms Samantha Low - Charleston
Everything has been absolutely fantastic, from the part exchange and not having to sell our house, to moving in. It was just so easy from start to finish. There was no selling cost and there was only… Mrs Elaine Booth - Charleston
Den View is very modern, homely and family oriented. The whole site is bright and the white and the houses look clean and fresh. It has an open, green layout that’s safe; I can always see where my… Mrs Jennifer Rait -