We have the Highlands in the north and Edinburgh in the south, so we’re bang in the middle of both worlds. There’s beautiful scenery around us with rolling hills. The village is a beautiful place.… Mr Jon Bass - Hunter's Meadow
We found a builder that actually seemed to care about the environmental issues – they ticked all the boxes. Hill Top Grange has just got a nice, comfy feel about it with the lovely landscaping and the… Mrs Susan Hughes -
A big attraction of moving here was the high school. The closest school has a very good Ofsted rating and that suits us well as the eldest of our two children will be going there next year. We were… Mr Andrew Mannion -
We know it's going to be quite a small development with just one hundred houses, but the biggest thing for us was the surroundings. There is woodland nearby, and Hill Top Grange was designed in… Miss Selina Biddle -
The very first thing that attracted me to Countesswells was the layout, it appealed to me straightaway. There are plenty of trees and green areas so it felt quite spacious and the mixture of styles of… Miss Claire Sutherland -
The houses look very smart in the way they are finished off and the brickwork is set with different types of stone so they fit in nicely. The gardens are neat and it’s all very clean and tidy. With… Mrs Margaret Scrimger - Monarch's Rise
We absolutely love our new house on Monarch’s Rise; it’s light, airy, warm and spacious. When we moved in all of our neighbours were very welcoming. They asked how we were getting on and how we liked… Mrs Leigh Cartney - Monarch's Rise
In the morning we enjoy the beautiful sunrise from our bedroom window and in the evening we can relax in our living room looking at the sunset over the fields; it’s very peaceful here. When we got in… Mr Raghu Shivaraj - Silver Birches
One of our main reasons for moving was the schools. There’s plenty of choice for this area, so that will be good for our little one. There are quite a few things on our doorstep as well, like a nice… Mr Colin Patterson -
I love the way the houses are set out here – we’re not overlooked. There’s space between the houses and they’ve landscaped all around us with woodland and other planting, so we get a feeling of… Ms Katherine Morris -