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Top tips for selling your home

Making the most of your home is key when trying to sell. First impressions really do count and buyers will either be impressed or disappointed with what they see. Ensure your home is memorable and make the most of your homes features. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make

  • Clean, clean and clean. There is nothing better than a home that smells fresh, is tidy and is clean. Get those rubber gloves out and make sure that your kitchen is spotless, your bathroom sanitary ware is gleaming and your floors are hovered and polished throughout. Alternatively hire a cleaning company for a thorough spring clean at any time of the year.
  • First impressions are key. Look at the front of your home, is the garden tidy, are the bins either stored away or hidden. Is your front door clean. Are your windows clean and shining. If you have pot plants, are they weed free and alive. Its in this first few seconds, that the potential buyers either falls in love with your home or wants to move on. Make the most of your front entrance by keeping it tidy, cut the grass, put some colourful potted plants at your front door if you can, to create a focus. If your front door would benefit from a coat of paint, it’s a great way to improve your entrance at little cost. Your home should look welcoming from the first moment.
  • Are the walls in your rooms looking dull or do you have bright colours everywhere. Remembers that everyone’s taste is different and when selling your home, its best to try to keep colours neutral. That way, potential buyers can see how they could create their ideal home and how their furniture would sit. If they’re blinded by bright colours or peeling wallpaper, they may not see past that. Give your home a fresh coat of paint, keeping the colours neutral. It will create a lighter, brighter updated feel to your home and make it easier for potential buyers to love.
  • Are there items in your home that need repair, light fittings broken or bulbs not working. Make a list of all the things that need to be repaired or replaced as they may make your home look neglected and make it harder to sell. Replace light bulbs and if you need help, check out local DIY companies who can quote for dealing with all the items on your list. You want buyers to feel that they can move in without having to take on lots of DIY and repair work from day one.
  • Clutter free at all time, that is the key to making your home look spacious with enough room for all your belongings. Keep it tidy especially areas that get a lot of use, such as the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. You want your home to look like a show home, be inviting and create a desire to buy. You also want buyers to feel that it has sufficient space to meet their needs. If your personal belongings are displayed everywhere it might make your home look short on storage space or look smaller than it is, thus putting off potential buyers.
  • Don’t forget your rear garden. These days buyers look for outside space that they can use to relax in, for entertaining and as an extension to their home. Keep the grass cut, remove any rubbish, tidy up your borders, remove weeds, trim hedges and if you have a patio or decking area, make it look its best with some garden furniture. Show potential buyers what an asset your garden is to your home.
  • If you’re showing your home to potential buyers, then take a walk around your own home first on your own. Make a list of all the features and benefits. You can then highlight those benefits and features to potential buyers making the most of each opportunity to sell. Don’t forget, buyers will want a home that has plenty of storage so point out all your storage areas. If you have rooms that could be used for more than one purpose, suggest ways in which the room could be used. For example you may have a dining room and an eat in kitchen. Perhaps potential buyers could use the dining room as a study or family room or games room for the kids, thus maximising the space you have. Don’t highlight problem areas but do concentrate on the positives such as the south facing garden or the quiet neighbourhood or your parking area.
  • Don’t forget to look at areas that you don’t see every day. Is the roof sound with no missing tiles. Do your gutters need attention. Have these inspected so that buyers don’t use maintenance issues to reduce your asking price further.