Homes for hedgehogs with the Conservation volunteers

Stewart Milne Homes has partnered with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and recruited local resident families to help install hedgehog homes in communal areas across our developments to ensure the native species has a safe place to sleep, nest and hibernate.

Homes for hedgehogs

In addition to the roll out of hedgehog homes, we have donated £2,000 to TCV to help the organisation progress the Hogwatch Scotland Citizen Science project, which runs in partnership with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society until July 2023 to monitor hedgehog populations and create suitable habitats. Through a range of educational activities and community initiatives, TCV aims to understand more about the declining species in Scotland.

Isobel Warnock, Head of sales Scotland at Stewart Milne Homes, said: “Collaborating with TCV and local residents to help enhance our developments with hedgehog-friendly spaces has been a fantastic initiative. Our ethos is rooted in creating people shaped places, and we are very proud to now have hedgehog shaped places dedicated across four of our flagship developments in Aberdeenshire and Central Scotland.

“We’re really excited to continue our partnership with TCV and it is brilliant to learn more about how they are helping to both educate communities and create positive change. We plan to continue our efforts in more developments across Scotland as we simultaneously support wider community initiatives that promote biodiversity and the creation of green space.”

Alex Paterson, senior project officer at TCV, said: “Sadly, hedgehog numbers have declined rapidly in recent years. This is partly because of habitat loss and we are working hard to educate people across the country about the importance of creating suitable spaces for hedgehogs, as well as suggesting other hedgehog friendly actions people can do in their gardens and local communities.

“The support from Stewart Milne Homes will enable us to take our mission to new communities in Scotland and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with their team as we aim to raise awareness about and help protect our prickly pals.”

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Posted on: Mar 21, 2023