Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

As the days grow warmer and the lockdown continues, the benefits of having a garden are now greater than ever.

However, the winter months and busy lifestyles may also mean that your outdoor space is crying out for some much-needed TLC.

Stewart Milne Homes has some top tips on how to decorate outdoor living spaces whether it is in need of a quick tidy up, is neglected and overgrown or if you are starting from scratch.

1. The lawn is usually the focal point for a garden, it provides an outdoor living space everyone can enjoy, whether it is children playing or a picnic with family. Grass seed and care products are still available so there is no reason not to get to work on a luscious lawn. Regular mowing is important as is keeping a lawn well-watered, luckily the Scottish weather can usually be relied on to help with that part!

2. Planting can also help to bring outdoor spaces to life, adding colour and interest to an outdoor area. It is important to pick the correct location within the garden as most plants need sunshine to flourish and you should also consider the best plants for the soil and climate. Timing is also important in picking your plants both in terms when to plant and when they bloom. Some enjoy snowdrops which are amongst the earliest to flower whilst others prefer the beautiful cherry blossoms in early spring.

For the less green fingered amongst us, wildflower meadow seed can be a great option. Wildflower seeds are easy to sew and have a diverse range of colours to brighten up your garden and also require minimal maintenance. They also provide a valuable refuge for wildlife bringing birds, bees and butterflies to your doorstep.

3. Gardening with kids is a great way to get them involved, from planting fruit and vegetables or something simple like sunflowers. Mid-April to late May is the best planting time for sunflowers and kids can start off growing the seedlings in the house before planting outdoors after a few weeks. Lettuce and strawberries are also a good starting point for little ones who can then enjoy tasting the rewards of their hard work.

4. Always think carefully about how you will use your outdoor space and try to have designated areas so everyone can enjoy the fresh air in their own way. This can be a space for children to play and burn off energy, an outdoor dining area or a patio to make the most of the sunshine reading a book or relaxing on a warm evening.


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Posted on: Apr 09, 2020