Making the most of Christmas with our festive decorating tips

Stewart Milne Homes has teamed up with The Festive Group to makeover one of our beautiful show homes at Bayley Croft – to help spread some early Christmas magic.

Jackie Chapman, Stylist from The Festive Group has shared her top tips for giving your home no matter what its size or shape the perfect festive makeover.

  1. Making an entrance – perfecting the hanging door wreath….

To avoid damaging your front door when hanging a festive wreath, use a coordinating ribbon to go over the top of the door and attach to the letter box with string on the inside.

This means you can avoid using a nail to hang the wreath which often leaves an unsightly mark in the wood.

Finish the look by creating a bow with the leftover ribbon and you have the perfect festive entrance to your home.

  1. Adding festive touches throughout your home

Although the Christmas tree is the centrepiece to any festive makeover in the home, don’t forget to include other decorative details throughout your home to tie your theme together.

At the Millwood show home at Bayley Croft, we created a window garland using some of the same decorations and baubles from the tree on a long pine wreath – brightening up the windowsill and it can be seen inside and out.

  1. The pièce de résistance

When it comes to placing baubles on the tree, make sure that you give each decoration plenty of space on the branches. When you look at the tree, you should see no horizontal lines of baubles and each decoration should be placed a different height.

This will make your tree look fuller and give it a professional touch, while giving each decoration room to be seen.

  1. Choosing the best lighting

Tree lights are usually sold with either ice white or warm white bulbs. If you’ve got a cool-toned silver room, such our show home, choose ice white lighting to tie the existing interior design and your Christmas theme together.

On the other hand, if your space has a warmer colour palette, choose warm white lights to complement these tones. Warm lights are often associated with a cosy feeling whereas icy lights are bright and sparkly – think about the look you want your tree to have.

  1. Picking the perfect tree

When decorating our show home, we opted for a seven-and-a-half-foot tree with a slimline base. Most artificial trees come in either a standard base or slimline, so take into consideration how much free space you have in your living space and if there are any other pieces of furniture that a tree might obstruct.

Our slimline tree, perfectly fits in the corner of the living room, leaving ample space for the glass doors and TV stand while still being tall enough to fill the wall space.

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Posted on: Nov 09, 2020