Tailormade homes for 21st century living

Recent research has highlighted that 50% of people would consider purchasing a new home for their next home, with just over a quarter (26%) more likely to buy a new build than before the pandemic.

Tailormade homes for 21st century living
Dargavel Village neighbourhood


The unpredictability of the second-hand home market as UK house prices rise at the fastest rate in 15 years may be one of the factors that has increased demand for new homes, but there are also a range of other benefits a new home can bring. From lower maintenance costs and energy efficiency to the chance to personalise a new home with your selection of interior finishes.

Of course, prospective buyers also consider the bigger picture when choosing a new home - such as location, proximity to transport links, facilities and access to education - but the main factors are the quality of the house and the surrounding development, and how this caters to their day-to-day lifestyle.

At Stewart Milne Homes we create places that weave nature into everyday experience for residents. For us, this ethos is intrinsic to the design of our developments across Scotland and North West England and is also the backbone of our People Shaped Places approach which guides our planning, design process and creation of new developments.

Following extensive consumer research, we found three core principles that would shape every new design: simple elegance, supremely functional and beautifully designed. We reviewed how people move around and use their home and considered everything from master bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms and utility rooms to garages and gardens.

In response to external factors, we understand that many people now need a dedicated space to work comfortably.  We also know that people want open plan space that can be easily adapted as their family grows, or leaves the nest, so our exclusive new Villages range of homes has been designed to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of families now and in the future.

Tailormade homes for 21st century living
Hunter's Meadow neighbourhood


Before you even step into the home, the wider development and surrounding area has a direct impact on your quality of life. Open-plan and widened streetscapes create the sense of space and flexibility. That’s why we carefully consider factors such as car parking spaces to ensure their positioning doesn’t detract from clear, linear entrances to a development.

Plentiful green space is also incredibly important to encourage communities to enjoy healthy outdoor lifestyles and get together. In a bid to create a sense of place and belonging, at Stewart Milne Homes we carefully create pockets of outdoor space featuring elements such as play parks, benches and bike storage that promote healthy lifestyles.  

The exterior finishes are also key to the creation of a successful development to ensure they are in-keeping with the existing surroundings. For example, at our Dunnottar Park development in Stonehaven, the homes feature natural black timber cladding which complements their rural setting.

Equally, ensuring active travel routes are seamlessly woven into the masterplan ensures safe and convenient access to neighbouring amenities and the wider area. When designing streetscapes, we always start by thinking how a pedestrian would get around, then a cyclist, and finally a driver which flips traditional thinking on its head to prioritise people getting outdoors.

We’re very proud of the evolution of our developments and homes which have been carefully crafted around people and we’re continuously thinking ahead to the next generation who will look for something different than present-day homeowners. Although trends and consumer behaviour changes, one fundamental that remains consistent is the requirement for high-quality developments featuring high-quality homes that offer flexible, modern-day living.

Tailormade homes for 21st century living
Dargavel Village neighbourhood


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Posted on: Mar 21, 2022