Coronavirus - Protocol

Following the protocol in respect of SMH Operatives visit to your home.

As a family company with a proud 40+ year heritage, the protection, health and wellbeing of our customers, employees, subcontractors, all their relations and critically those within our front-line emergency services, are of paramount importance, particularly whilst these unprecedented conditions prevail.  

As the homeowner you have been contacted and asked the following questions and replied negative to all:


  • Our SMG operative(s) undertake regular Lateral Flow Tests and we would encourage you the homeowner to undertake a Lateral Flow Test before any visit commences.
  • Have you been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID 19?
  • Do you or any family member feel unwell with symptoms such as a cough, fever or have difficulty in breathing?
  • Are you or a member of your family currently self-isolating in your home?


Should the response to any of these questions change prior to the scheduled visit, SMH Customer Services must be advised immediately.


You have been made aware of, and confirmed your agreement to, the following protocol in respect of SMH Operatives visit to your home:

  • Our Operative must be granted clear and un-obstructive access to working areas to avoid moving furniture, unnecessary touching of belonging etc.
  • You the Homeowner and any other occupants must isolate in a separate part of the home, away from SMG operative(s) for duration of the visit.
  • Good ventilation must be available to the area of work with windows open if possible.
  • Hand sanitiser will be carried by the SMG operative(s) and used upon entry & exit of your home.
  • PPE Gear shall be worn by the SMG operative(s) throughout their time within your home.
  • Upon completion of works, SMG operative(s) will exit your home whilst you check the works have been completed to your satisfaction. The homeowner will confirm to the SMG operative(s), before they depart.