Energy Efficient Stewart Milne Homes

New research conducted by The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has found that on average you can save £2,199.65 per year in energy bills when you move into a new house verses an existing house. That’s a 64% saving compared to a typical existing home. Saving you over £180 a month on your energy bills.*

At Stewart Milne Homes, we’re committed to a greener and more environmentally friendly way of doing things. We build homes that feature high levels of insulation, whether that be walls, floors, roofs, windows or doors. By making the fabric of our homes well insulated, we can ensure the energy used in the home is used efficiently.

1 in 4 buyers now put efficiency as a key consideration when purchasing a house to make environmental and economic choices.

Our research and development team work to understand market, business efficiency and regulatory needs – both today and tomorrow – and then create homes and communities that meet them.

On top of these dramatic savings, new homes owners are also contributing to the country’s progression towards net zero, with each new build producing just a third of the carbon emitted by older homes, a saving of 2.8 tonnes of CO2 every year.

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