How to restyle your home on a budget

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Recent world events have meant many of us have found ourselves spending much more time at home than usual.

Whether you’ve used the unexpected time to work, spend time with the kids, cook, read or take up a new hobby, after weeks at home you’ve probably spotted jobs that need to be done or perhaps you’ve decided that your once-fashionable wallpaper has to go!

A few easy tweaks can make a huge difference to your home, so Stewart Milne Homes has compiled some top tips for refreshing your living space – without having to splash the cash.

1. If you have paint left over from previous decorating, this is a great time for a fresh lick of paint, and you don’t even need to change the colour. A coat of paint will brighten and freshen up the space. Light affects how a colour looks in a room so colours in a south facing room will appear warmer than in a north facing room. Consider how a colour looks in both natural and artificial lighting before painting the whole room. 

2. Staining woodwork can be a time-consuming process, but these little accents are all round the room with doors and skirting boards, so it can change up the tone and look of a room. Got light oak skirting boards? Sometimes deepening the colour to a more medium tone can add character. Prefer  a more modern look? Consider brightening up the wood with some white wood paint.

3. Accent or feature walls are an easy and budget-friendly way of changing up a room as you don’t need too much paint. You could mix light and dark tones of the same colour to create a subtle tonal scheme or add a second colour to complement an existing shade. Complementary colours sit on opposite sides of the circle on a colour wheel, such as contrasting pink, red or purple with shades of green.

4. If you’re buying paint, consider ordering test shades online to choose your colour and then buying a tin online afterwards. If you have tester pots left, why not create an abstract work of art with the kids for the playroom on a canvas, or even the walls if you’re feeling daring! Hand painted accent walls are becoming increasingly popular, but they don’t have to be complicated - simple brushstrokes or dots can be highly effective, and it’s a great way to use unwanted testers for shades you didn’t fancy as a block colour.

5. Why not try a new layout? Moving sofas and coffee tables around can make you feel like you’re in a new room or try putting the bed against a different wall. A different layout can feel more spacious too, and it helps with organisation at the same time. 

6. Moving things around and creating a new storage system can be great for productivity levels. Why not take the time to declutter the rooms and come up with new storage techniques, such as decorative woven baskets, a hammock for soft toys, block storage with drawers or boxes with lids. A good declutter and tidy can transform your home.

7. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, so get creative! They look great around furniture and against plain walls. They’re also a firm favourite with the kids, so add them to their bedroom, draped around the furniture or playroom to create soft and calming lighting for bedtime.

8. How about creating a photo wall with all those images you’ve been meaning to sort? Or upload to a website and get the prints delivered to your door.

9. Why not revamp or upcycle furniture? YouTube has some great DIY videos to show you how to bring old chairs back to life adding some bold colour or simply restoring original character.

10. Add a splash of greenery with some on-trend house plants. These come in all shapes and sizes, with colourful flowers or gorgeous foliage, and most need little attention apart from bright light, some warmth, regular watering and feeding. The Royal Horticultural Society website offers advice on which plant would suit your property 

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Posted on: Sep 11, 2020