Gardens take on new importance

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Gardens have taken on new importance over the past few months as COVID-19 has changed the way we live.

Outdoor space has become even more valuable for relaxation, al fresco dining and entertaining as well as a place for children to play and have fun.

This has led to Stewart Milne Homes seeing a marked increase in the importance that people are now putting on gardens when they look for a new home.

Potential homeowners are prioritising outdoor space where their children can play or where they can have a BBQ or picnic during the sunny weather or simply enjoy some fresh air after a busy day.

There is a high level of interest from those currently living in flats who want to make the move to a home with a garden as the lack of outdoor space was challenging during lockdown.

A garden is also found to have a positive impact on both mental and physical health and if you have been stressed or bored indoors, stepping outside can help in the following ways:

  • Being outdoors increases your exposure to vitamin D which increases calcium levels which benefits both bones and the immune system.
  • Research also found that gardening could lower the risk of dementia.
  • Gardening boosts the mood and helps to fight stress.
  • Working in the garden is also a good form of aerobic exercise that helps with strength, stamina and flexibility.

Stewart Milne Homes has also always had a strong focus on the greenspace surrounding its new developments.

The flourishing new community at Countesswells in Aberdeen is in close proximity to Countesswells, Foggieton and Hazelhead Woods and three new parks are also being created within the community itself including Central Park which will be Scotland’s largest new town park in over 100 years.

Dargavel Village in Renfrewshire enjoys a rural setting with lovely walks through woodland and long-established ponds. A country park is also planned which will provide a community woodland area and leisure facilities.

Broughton Park in Broughton is surrounded by beautiful countryside and new homeowners are also in close proximity to Conway Nature Reserve as well as the beautiful beaches of the Fylde Coast.

For more information about Stewart Milne Homes which come with private enclosed gardens please visit our neighbourhoods page.

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Posted on: Aug 18, 2020