Make the Right First Impression to Sell your Home Quickly

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When you are selling your current home you are selling more than a property, you are selling a lifestyle and fulfilling someone’s aspirations. Potential homeowners are looking for their dream house and today’s healthy property market gives them the opportunity to shop around for their ideal home.

Remember that first impressions count and a well-presented home could help you achieve a quick sale and maximise your return. Before you open your doors to homebuyers, follow these simple steps to give you a competitive advantage.

Clean and De-Clutter

Clean and de-cluttered rooms are the best way to show-off your home’s potential. Your home should resemble show home as much as possible in order to invite people in and create the desire to buy. De-cluttering is key to making your current home appear spacious with enough storage for homebuyers’ belongings. Pay particular attention to busy areas such as the kitchen which are frequently used and can quickly become cluttered.

Homes look best when they are fresh and tidy; make sure that your surfaces are polished, your windows have been cleaned and every room has been hovered so buyers aren’t distracted by dusts or dull spots. Alternatively, hire a cleaning company for a hassle-free way to clean every inch of your home.

De-personalise Your Living Spaces

Removing personal belongings such as photographs or large feature decorations will allow buyers to picture their own belongings in your home. Remember, you are selling their future home and dream lifestyle so it’s important for them to feel as if they can make this space their own.

Freshen Up Walls with Neutral Colours

Bright colours and feature wallpaper might not be to everyone’s taste; when you’re selling your home freshen up your walls by repainting them in neutral tones. This will invite buyers to think about how they will decorate once they have moved in and, it will make rooms appear bright and spacious.

Living spaces which use a neutral palette and can be easily personalised, could give you a competitive edge when you are showing your home to prospective buyers. Also, homebuyers are less likely to haggle over the asking price if there’s no need to spend money carrying out costly redecorations.

Carry Out Repairs

You want buyers to feel as if they could move into your home without having to spend time renovating or carrying out DIY. Replace any broken light bulbs and repair any items that need to be fixed. This will allow you to present your home to visitors at its very best, looking loved and well-maintained.

Finishing Touches

Enhance your living spaces by adding a few simple finishing touches. Fresh flowers are ideal for breathing some life into your home and making living spaces feel homely. Alternatively, if you have a dining table, dressing it with good crockery will give the room a purpose and sell the lifestyle that homebuyers aspire to.

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Posted on: Sep 03, 2018