The Best Colour Scheme for a Good Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing better than waking-up feeling refreshed after a peaceful night’s sleep. However, if you’re having trouble dropping off at night did you know it could be your wallpaper that’s keeping you awake? Research by the Travel Lodge found a connection between the colour of your bedroom walls and your ability to sleep soundly. The colour of your bedroom can either stimulate your brain or help it to relax so it’s important to choose your colour scheme wisely or you could find yourself counting sheep until the small hours.

The study found that homeowners with blue, yellow, green, silver or orange rooms enjoyed the best night’s sleep. In contrast, people with purple rooms suffered from a lack of sleep as the colour stimulates the brain, making it difficult to relax and “switch-off” when you’re trying to sleep.

If you have just moved into a new home from Stewart Milne Homes, the neutral colour pallet makes it easy to customise your bedroom with relaxing, sleep educing colours. Before you begin to decorate your bedroom, read our top design tips for creating a room that will help you to drift off to sleep the minute your head hits the pillow.

Blue Boudoirs

Image of bedroom with blue colour theme

According to the Travel Lodge’s recent survey, those with blue bedrooms enjoy the best sleep and wake-up feeling alert and positive. On average those with blue bedrooms benefit from 8 hours sleep a night as the calming colour relaxes the brain and slows down your heart rate. Those with blue bedrooms also claimed they woke up feeling happy after enjoying a solid 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep at night.

Use decorative wallpaper to create a stylish feature wall and add soft furnishings in a similar tone that will complement and enhance the colour of your room. Alternatively, swap neutral curtains for blue ones to quickly transform the look of your bedroom.

Try Cool Silvers

Image of bedroom with silver colour theme

Homeowners with luxurious sliver tones in their bedroom enjoy 7 hours and 33 minutes of sleep on average each night.

Recreate the look of our silvery bedroom by co-ordinating silver wallpaper with a silver bedspread and adding a splash of colour with contrasting pillows. Our top tip is to increase the ambiance in your bedroom by adding softly lit lamps which will make the silver wallpaper glow like the moonlight.

Go Green

Image of bedroom with green colour theme

Does your child struggle to get to sleep at night? Help them to nod of by adding green tones into their room. The Travel Lodge survey found that those with green rooms woke up feeling upbeat and positive after 7 hours and 36 minutes of sleep a night.

Green wall decorations are a fun and quick way to create a green colour palette in your child’s bedroom. We love this pastel green bunting which is complimented perfectly by a duvet cover in the same tone.

Don’t Shy Away from Yellow

Image of bedroom with yellow colour theme

Think yellow is too stimulating for a bedroom? This cheerful colour can actually help you to get 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep a night.

If using yellow on all of your walls seems daunting, tone it down by muting a feature wall with darker metallic pillows and throws. Adding yellow blooms in a decorative vase will create a cheerful and inviting environment in your home.

Cheer Up Children’s Rooms with Orange

image of childrens bedroom in orange colour theme

Like yellow, the colour orange is often overlooked when it comes to deciding on a colour scheme for your bedroom. If you have an orange bedroom, the warm tones could help you to relax and experience 7 hours and 28 minutes sleep a night.

Orange is perfect for children’s’ rooms as your child will love the bright colour while you love being able to get your child off to sleep quickly. Bright orange wallpaper with a fun pattern is a quick and easy way to incorporate this colour into your child’s room. Why not add lamps and a bedspread in a matching tone to add extra warmth into the room?

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Posted on: Sep 03, 2018