Customer Care

If you've already purchased a Stewart Milne home and have a query or would like our assistance, please contact our Customer Care departments as follows:


Craig MacKay
Head of Customer Services
0345 075 8212


Craig MacKay
Head of Customer Services
0345 076 6131


Susan Kent
Head of Customer Services
0345 026 8242

COVID-19 Update from Customer Care

We hope that you are well and keeping safe during this uncertain time. As the UK Government begin to explore ways in which we can return to normality while observing the safety measures that protect our health. I am pleased to inform you that Stewart Milne Group is reviewing remobilisation strategies that protect the safety of customers, colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers and the public.

Our Customer Service teams across the country understand how crucial 'having a roof over your head' is for both mental well-being and personal safety and know how important our service is for customers. Which is why we are considering processes in which we can address defects while complying with safe working practices, such as social distancing, as part of our wider remobilisation plan.

To help us re-schedule works logged on our system as efficiently as possible, we ask that you withhold from contacting your relevant Customer Service department, for now, unless it is an emergency. Which will give us the time required to plan the logistics of visits and contact our customers to discuss this, we will aim to have contacted you within three weeks of our return date, with the return date to be confirmed once the Government guidance allows us to do so safely.

On return, we will look to pick up from where we left off, as much as possible, while re-scheduling the work giving date priority to those previously booked. However, we will take a sensible approach, where urgent support is required.

Homeowners who remain in the care of our Construction Site Management can expect contact from a member of that team when they return to the site and will be in touch as soon as it is feasible.  I'm sure you will understand the top priority is to ensure our sites remobilise safely, adopting enhanced safety measures to protect you, your family and our colleagues.

In summary, we kindly ask that you only contact the customer service team to pursue work if it is an emergency and in return, we will aim to contact you to re-schedule planned works within three weeks of our return date. On re-booking, we will give priority based on previous booking dates and can confirm that we are cancelling existing bookings. Homeowners within the care of Site Management can expect contact from the team upon their return.