Customer Care

If you've already purchased a Stewart Milne home and have a query or would like our assistance, please contact our Customer Care departments as follows:


Craig MacKay
Head of Customer Services
0345 075 8212


Craig MacKay
Head of Customer Services
0345 076 6131


Susan Kent
Head of Customer Services
0345 026 8242


If you have an emergency overnight or during the weekend, then please call 

- Stewart Milne Homes Scotland 0345 3583630

- Stewart Milne Homes North West England 0345 3583631

COVID-19 Stewart Milne Homes Scotland Statement


With the planned lifting of lockdown restrictions across Scotland from Monday 26th April 2021, this will now permit Stewart Milne Homes to enter our customers properties to carry out customer care works within suitably tiered areas. However as you will appreciate, these restrictions have been upon us all for the past 5 months and therefore we must plan and organise our activities in a controlled and structured manner.

Our Customer Service and Site based teams shall be making direct contact with yourself over the coming weeks to make suitable arrangements to attend your home and would appreciate your patience during this period. 

In anticipation of works being carried out within your home, please find below COVID safe protocols to which we would request your full cooperation.

  • Prior an appointment confirmation to attend your property, You the Homeowner must be asked the following questions and respond NO to all. (Homeowner to inform SMH Customer Services immediately, should the response to any of these questions change prior to the scheduled visit.


  • Have you been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID 19?
  • Do you or any family member feel unwell with symptoms such as a cough, fever or have difficulty in breathing?
  • Have you arrived from or passed through any overseas country during the past 14 days?
  • Are you or a member of your family currently self-isolating in your home?


Awareness of the following protocols in respect of the proposed SMH Operatives visit to your home. 

  • Our Operative must be granted clear and un-obstructive access to working areas to avoid moving furniture, unnecessary touching of belonging etc.
  • You the Homeowner and any other occupants must isolate in a separate part of the home, away from SMG operative(s) for duration of the visit.
  • 2m social distancing to be observed and maintained at all times whilst SMG operative(s) is present within your home.
  • Good ventilation must be available to the area of work with windows open if possible.
  • Hand sanitiser will be carried by the SMG operative(s) and used upon entry & exit of your home.
  • PPE Gear shall be worn by the SMG operative(s) throughout their time within your home.
  • Upon completion of works, SMG operative(s) will exit your home whilst you check the works have been completed to your satisfaction. The homeowner will confirm to the SMG operative(s), before he departs, still maintaining the 2m social distancing guidelines.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Stuart MacGregor
Chief Executive Officer