Plumbing and Electricity


Storm or frost damage

Please note that issues of this nature are not covered under the NHBC warranty.

Stopcocks & Shut Off Valves

It is always a good idea to make yourself aware of where to shut off the mains (cold) water, the hot water supply (if you have stored hot water), and the gas input to your home. Our Sales Consultant / Site Manager will have indicated the location of these to you at your demonstration, but please ask again if you’d like any help. If you have an external tap you will be required to remember to switch this off and drain the external section of the pipe during the winter months, as we will not cover burst pipes from an external  tap.

Should a problem of this type arise, try to minimise further damage to your home and notify your Building and Contents Insurer that you intend to make a claim.

If your Insurer does not offer a list of emergency tradesmen then you should contact a local tradesman to make the property safe.

Please remember to advise your Insurers of such action so that the resultant costs can be included in your claim.



Know where your main circuit board is and how to switch it off or reset it if it trips. It’s designed to trip if a fault is detected in your circuits. Causes can be simply a light bulb blowing or a faulty electrical item.