Understanding the process

Key Handover Day

Hopefully, on key handover day, you are able to check for any marks, scratches or obvious damage, especially with high - value items, such as work tops, appliances, sanitary ware and glazing.

The Sales Consultant will make a note of the items highlighted and there is a further 7-day window of time from Legal Completion, to report additional items to the Site Manager in line with the warranty cover.

First 28 Days of Occupancy

The Site Manager will work towards completing your list of outstanding repairs within the first four weeks of occupancy and if you are willing to sign and confirm you are totally satisfied with the completed work, the Customer Service Team, will then be introduced, to assist you for the duration of the two-year defect period.  The list of closed-out repairs up to the transfer to Customer Service, will be held on file for future reference, if/when required.

The Customer Service Team 

Every Stewart Milne Homes development has a designated Customer Service Administrator to help with all enquiries and arrange appointments for the Customer Service Operatives to attend and address, general repairs.  

Appointments are worked around your availability during normal working hours, Monday – Friday – 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.  The Operatives will prompt, courteous, respectful, professional, at all, times and will deliver, first class workmanship!

If your concern is with a more specialised discipline such as, plumbing or electrics, the contractor for the development will be instructed. If an occasion arises where a plumbing or electrical contractor needs to investigate a particular issue, in an area which requires opening-up to get to the cause of the issue, a Customer Service Operative will be in attendance to re-instate the area, returning it to its original condition, ensuring minimal disruption to your home. 

Customer Service Team - Understanding the process