What You Need To Do

Damaged or scratched items

Your new home is quality checked by the NHBC, our Site Manager and Sales Consultant. A further quality home inspection is carried out prior to you moving in. We do ask that you undertake a full inspection of your home within the first seven days.

Should you find any item in your home either damaged or scratched please notify Customer Services or your Site Manager immediately , in writing, within the first seven days of your move in date. Any scratched or damaged item reported after seven days is not covered by the Buildmark Warranty or courtesy maintenance. We ask you pay particular attention to glass, appliances, ceramics, mirrors, vanity units, worktops and unit doors as any scratched or damaged items reported after this time will not be rectified or replaced.


During the first few weeks and months after you move into your new home, you may experience some doors becoming difficult to close. This occurs as a result of the normal settlement process in a timber frame building and as such is perfectly normal and to be expected. We will be happy to adjust this for you.

Courtesy maintenance

Within the first 30 days of your move in date, we’ll carry out a Courtesy Maintenance visit. Courtesy Maintenance applies to the works that we carry out as part of your NHBC Buildmark warranty. The courtesy inspection is carried out during the Initial Defect Liability Period of your home. For Stewart Milne Homes, this inspection is normally undertaken within the first month after you move in.

Please note that the Buildmark Warranty covers specific items in your home. Please ensure you read the Warranty document carefully to ensure you are familiar with what is included.

Please be aware that courtesy visits to your home by our Site Teams in the initial 28 day period are the only planned courtesy reviews currently carried out by Stewart Milne Homes during the initial two year defect liability period. We are very happy to review any issue reported to us by you, which appears to be a defect in terms of the warranty, registered with us within the 2 year warranty period. Final Remedial Request Forms should be received by Customer Services no later than 28 days prior to the 2 year anniversary of legal completion, allowing sufficient time for all relevant parties to be informed.

Boiler registration

In order to be as helpful as possible, our sales teams are providing details to the manufacturer in order to register your boiler for warranty. In order to avoid any potential inconvenience and to ensure the warranty remains valid, we would remind you that it is your responsibility to service your boiler annually. The first service should be instructed by you and carried out before the first anniversary of the settlement date of purchasing your new home. If the boiler is serviced annually Ariston give a 5 year warranty on their boiler for parts and labor. If your home has a Hot Water Cylinder, we also recommend that you follow the manufacturers' warranty guidelines for having this appliance serviced.

Kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliances ( fridges, washing machines, hobs, ovens etc.) supplied by Stewart Milne Homes as part of the sale are covered by the manufacturers warranty only. These require to be to be registered by you as the homeowner, with the manufacturer, for warranty purposes. Details how to do this are contained within their Appliance User Guide.

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