2 Year Stewart Milne Warranty

  Yes No  
Alarm installations   Contact Customer Services, changing batteries and cleaning is not covered
White Goods (including cooker hood) – not working   Contact manufacturer direct. Detailed on SMG Website – Customer Services
Damage to appliances – notified within 7 days of legal completion   The damage must be registered in writing with Customer Services/site within 7 days of legal completion for liability to be accepted
Blocked wastes – drains – taps   Contact Customer Services. Please note blockages caused by the homeowner/residents are not covered
Cracks to bricks & mortar joints (less than 3mm)   Some minor cracking due to shrinkage is normal and can be expected
Cracks to bricks & mortar joints (exceeding 3mm)   Contact Customer Services
Central heating boiler (breakdown)   Contact Customer Services if under one year since legal completion. Thereafter contact the manufacturer direct. The boiler is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, provide the warranty terms are observed. Repressurising is required at times and it’s the homeowners responsibility
Central heating boiler (servicing)   Boiler servicing in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, is the responsibility of the homeowner. Failure to carry out annual service, can seriously reduce the life expectancy of the boiler and invalidates your warranty. The first service is due within 12 months of legal completion.
Central heating (leaking pipe work– radiators)   Contact Customer Services. Serious leaks will be actioned immediately, containable leaks are not treated as an emergency
Central heating (noisy system including pipe work)   Contact Customer Services, bleeding of radiators to release trapped air is the homeowners responsibility
Chips & scratches to any component of your home   The damage must be registered in writing with Customer Services/site within 7 days of your legal completion, for liability to be accepted
Chips & scratches to any component of your home – notified after 7 days from legal completion   All claims for damage to items incorporated in your home must be made in writing, within 7 days of of legal completion
Colour variations of wood, marble etc   Colour and tone variations in natural materials are normal and to be expected
Condensation   Condensation is normal and is due to dryingout process, and can be eased by ventilation, see SMG website Customer Services
Cracks to concrete (minor – less than 3mm)   Some minor cracking due to shrinkage is normal and can be expected – see SMG Website – Customer Services
Cracks and excessive nailpops to drylining and internal paint work (minor – less than 3mm)   Some minor cracking and nail pops due to shrinkage is normal and can be expected, maintenance and touch ups are the responsibility of the homeowner – See SMG Website – Customer Services
Cracks to drylining and internal paintwork (exceeding 3mm and 4mm at the staircase)   Contact Customer Services. Please note remedial works will only be carried out using the original paint colour
Doors (sticking lock & latch adjustment)   Contact Customer Services
Doors warping (affecting the operation of the door)   Contact Customer Services. Note however that minor warping can occur which does not affect the operation of the door
Electrical (loss of power caused by installation failure)   Contact Customer Services, after checking Consumer Unit – See SMG Website – Customer Services
Electrical (loss of power due to supply failure)   Stewart Milne Homes has no control over the supply, contact your electrical supplier
Electrical (installation)   Contact Customer Services
Electrical (damaged fittings & blown bulbs)   Damage to fittings and replacement bulbs are the responsibility of the homeowner
Extractor fans (bathrooms & cloaks)   Contact Customer Services
Fencing   Stewart Milne Homes cannot accept any liability to damage or wear and tear to fencing, maintenance falls to homeowner responsibility
Flashings (leaking or loose)    Contact Customer Services
Flashings (discoloured)   Any external components will discolour due to the effects of weathering
Floor coverings included within the purchase of your new home   Contact Customer Services1. Note - Vinyl flooring is laid by our contractors without adhesive or sealant at the edges
Floor structures   Contact Customer Services, minor creaks are normal and can be expected
Garage doors (locks – cables – opening action)   Contact Customer Services, annual lubrication of all moving parts is the responsibility of the homeowner
Gas installation   Shut off gas supply and contact your utility provider
Grouting   Customers responsibility under household maintenance after legal completion
Gutters and down pipes   Contact Customer Services - please note routine clearing is the homeowner’s responsibility, Stewart Milne Homes are unable to accept any liability for storm damage or damage due to poor maintenance
Kitchen unit (door alignment)   Contact Customer Services 3
Kitchen units/worktops scratches and chips   Contact Customer Services. Please note this does not include damage reported after 7 days from legal completion3
Kitchen unit & worktop (de-lamination)   Contact Customer Services
Landscaping   Please refer to NHBC standards and SMG Website – Customer Services
Meters and essential services   Please refer to your service provider
Paths and paving slabs   Any issues to be highlighted to Customer Services within 7 days of settlement
Roof   Contact Customer Services (please note this does not include wind/storm damage)
Sanitary ware, bathroom units’ worktops   Contact Customer Services (please note this does not include damage reported after 7 days from legal completion) 3
Sealant (external and internal)   Contact Customer Services, although sealant around showers and work surfaces is the customer’s responsibility to maintain on an annual basis
Settlement in garden   Some settlement of new top soil is normal and to be expected, please refer to NHBC Standards and SMG website – Customer Services
Structural defects   Contact Customer Services
Shower doors   Contact Customer Services
Soft Furnishings   Contact Customer Services1
Water Services (leaking pipes, taps, etc)   Contact Customer Services
Windows (frames/furniture)   Contact Customer Services2
Wood   Minor separations, shrinkage and/or warping are normal and can be expected
Hot Water Cylinder   Contact Customer Services if under one year since legal completion. It is the homeowners responsibility to service the cylinder annually in accordance with the manufacturers service guidelines. We recommend contacting the manufacturer to register for warranty and obtain approved engineer details for the service. 1st service is due within 12 months of legal completion. 
Loft Space   Contact Customer Services. Note: SMH accept no responsibility for issues arising in a loft which has been altered or floored, nor for works where required access is prevented by such changes. No items should be stored in the loft space
Water Services – External Tap   Stewart Milne Homes are unable to accept any liability for leaks arising from unisolated external taps in sub zero temperatures.

1 This only applies to items supplied by Stewart Milne Homes.
2 Scratches and chips to glass when viewed in natural daylight from within the room and at least two metres from the panes must be registered in writing to Customer Services within seven days of legal completion for liability to be accepted.
3 This item must be registered in writing with Customer Services within seven days of legal completion for liability to be accepted.

Following Courtesy Maintenance, there is no further scheduled visit by Stewart Milne Homes team during the 2 year Stewart Milne Warranty period. We are happy to review any issue reported to us by you within the Stewart Milne 2 year warranty period, which appears to be a defect in terms of the warranty.

Where a homeowner wishes to raise multiple issues with us, we ask you to review the warranty checklist and complete a remedial works request form to include the specifics of rooms and individual warranty defect items causing concern, together with photographs wherever possible. This helps us assess the issues and resource required prior to programming the works for our tradesmen to address as quickly as practicably possible. We do ask that the Remedial Request Form is received by Customer Services at least 4 weeks prior to your two year anniversary to allow sufficient time for timely notification to subcontractors/manufacturers and ensures the issue is captured under the existing defect warranty, avoiding potential misunderstanding.

To speak to someone within your area please contact your regional team: 
0345 075 8212
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0345 076 6131
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0345 026 8242
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Customer Care Submission Form

We recommend that you review our Warranty Checklist and various supporting videos, these are very informative and cover most areas within your home. The information contained in these videos highlights which elements or areas within your home are the homeowners responsibility to maintain.

If, after reviewing the above there are some matters that you feel fall within the remit of the Customer Services department then please complete the undernoted form and submit this for review.

A member of the Customer Services team will contact you within 72 working hours of receipt of your submitted form.

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