NHBC Warranty and Insurance

Your home is backed up with quality customer service and comprehensive warranties:

  • 30 Day courtesy visit to ensure any issues are addressed.
  • Customer enquiry line available within office hours, Monday to Friday.
  • The Stewart Milne Guide to Living in your New Home covering the working aspects of your new home.
  • A two year Stewart Milne Homes warranty.
  • A 8 year National House Builders Council (NHBC) warranty.

Key facts you should know about NHBC and the Buildmark warranty:

  • NHBC is the UK’s leading consumer protection organisation for new home construction.
  • NHBC is independent of the Government and house builders.
  • NHBC has no shareholders. Any surplus generated is reinvested within NHBC’s products and services to aid the continual improvement in the quality of new home construction.
  • NHBC Standards are accepted as the definitive standards used for UK new home construction and conversion.
  • The Standards are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they remain relevant to minimise potential defects during construction.
  • NHBC employs over 1,000 staff across the UK whose aim is to support the industry to build homes to NHBC standards.
  • NHBC is the only warranty provider that has undisputed technical expertise inhouse, employing qualified technical experts for the key stages of new home construction, including: inspectors, building surveyors, engineers and sustainability consultants, which demonstrates their dedication to improve the standards of new homes.
  • All new houses registered with NHBC are inspected an average of five times by NHBC inspectors.
  • NHBC’s Buildmark is the UK’s most comprehensive new home warranty available.
  • NHBC provides a Resolution Service if there is a disagreement regarding the builders’ obligations.
  • Deposit protection from exchange of contracts.
  • A 2 year builder warranty from legal completion, backed by NHBC's resolution service.
  • 8 years of structural defects insurance cover.
  • A resolution service us only offered for the first 2 years of the builders warranty period, after the builders full complaint process has been exhausted then a resolution service is available when certain conditions have been met. 


To find out more please visit NHBC website.